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Have any unanswered questions about your air ducts? Check out why dirty ducts will increase your bills and the usual problems arising from mold concentration in the air ducts.

Can a dirty air duct system increase energy costs?

Energy consumption can increase, depending on how dirty the system is. Heavily contaminated ducts can cause the system to run much longer to achieve the proper temperature, which will result in a lot of wasted energy.

What kind of problems can mold cause to the air?

Air Duct Cleaning Hollywood specialists say that mold flowing in the air can trigger reactions in certain individuals with allergies. Prolonged exposure to mold can also cause chemical sensitivity to certain compounds in the environment, which can also be permanent.

My HVAC system is 9 years old. Should I have it replaced?

Even if your air ducts are kept in good working conditions, you should start thinking about a new investment. That does not mean that your entire system needs to be replaced. Heating and cooling systems have a higher life-expectancy, but it is advisable to have it repaired or checked from time to time.

Should the entire air duct system be cleaned?

Ideally, yes. But in some cases, only certain parts of the air duct are serviced, namely the interior surfaces, the supply grills, and the furnace or air conditioner. Cleaning the main parts is sufficient, but if it’s possible, and entire cleaning job is ideal.

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